For years now I've been quite into character design - not just for work but also in my free time, from sketching practice to building entire worlds and background stories. 
Because it's really the characters that make a good story most of the time, don't you think? 

So here are some of my favourite works from the past years. Enjoy.
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Older studies were more chaotic and at times completely lacking structure, just ways of loosening up and experimenting.
At times things would get a little more surreal.
There was a more experimental phase when I'd cut out my watercolor characters and find the best setting for them to be photographed it. I still do this from time to time, it's satisfying on a whole new level.
Digital work would happen at times, too. 
But I would inevitably return to what I enjoy the most - watercolor. 
This one was one of my faves, comes with a process video as well:
Some fanart can be fun when portioned right!
And that one time I imagined a whole series about this gang of female assassins. 
Still quite drawn to these.
Finally, my most recent study and one of my favourites yet. This time a simple practice sheet turned into an array of characters from a world of bounty hunters mixed with wild west and sci-fi and even bits of steampunk. 
Made a narrated process video - check it out for some quick tips!
That's about it, and maybe you felt like you were scrolling a while but trust me this was a tip of the iceberg 😅. Stay in touch for freshly baked character design that appears in my bakery pretty much all the time. 
shop // insta

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