Hello! This post is here because I've painted few larger pieces that are a little underweight for separate posts, however still are a solid body of work I'd like to share.
Most of these won't have a sketch faze as I freehanded them straight onto the watercolour paper. So, quite spontaneous and creative works that were born without a notice or much planning ahead of them.
All of the works below available as prints here!
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"Visiting grandpa", watercolour on A3 aquarelle paper.
"Hands hierarchy", A3 watercolour on aquarelle paper.
"The Hideout", A2 watercolour on paper.
"Lot on Your Mind" - created in Procreate app, using iPad pro and apple pencil.
"Rocky" - A3 acrylics and ink on card.
"The Mansion" - A large A1 watercolour of a weird packed house.
"11:24" - A3 watercolour on aquarelle paper, 
freehand composition inspired by 'Stranger Things'.
"Two Worlds" - a story of a portal between two parallels. Watercolour on paper.
Untitled watercolour on aquarelle paper, A3.
Went for an overall tint shift after the image's been scanned in. 
And my latest one - a zero gravity deconstructed sandwich situation, watercolour on A3.

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