Mural painting has been a fast-growing passion and a hobby of mine for about 7 years now. I've worked in various styles, scales and settings, with my murals often focusing on self-care and referencing the environment that surrounds them.

Here's a round-up of (most of) my murals to date. 
Hope to continue topping up this little collection as the time goes.

Starting with a 3-wall mural created for IBUG fest in Leipzig, Germany (2023). 
While painting this wall all I could think about was "Cursed Kindergarten" - maybe that's my calling, decorating venues of a similar purpose 👹
But initially I thought of the room as the box, and spent a long time thinking inside that box, eventually letting the thinking spill outside its margins, too.
Some characters were scattered all over the warehouse area, too, adding a search and find element for the people who visited the festival.
For the first time ever I also added some 3D elements to the wall, decorating it with bits of clay and painted sticks and cones and even some dehydrated moss
Back in 2022 I was offered a wall of a community centre in St.Malo, France - a place where 'people come to get help', to quote the organisers. I wanted my piece to be full of warmth and cosiness as well as carry a surreal and whimsical vibe, as caring for yourself and others is a really magical act and it can help the world heal.
"The Journey of a Light", Svencioneliai, Lithuania.
I saw the sixteen concrete panels in the yard of an old industrial sawmill and immediately knew that these just had to serve as a storytelling tool. The journey of a light is a linear story with a semi-symmetrical structure (many objects and compositions get a mirrored version on the opposite side) and a surreal dreamy undertone, like a human-sized tarot deck
This is a story of a day is a life of a light, born with a flip of a switch, jumping from a lightbulb to a window glowing in the night, from the moon to the stars and the unidentified glow in the sky, from a light sorrow to a beam of hope and a shiny idea, bouncing of the walls and the surrounding objects as a shapeshifting shadow, finally coming to its natural end with another flip of a switch💡
Some process shots during another mural painted in Lithuania.
An unexpected collision of abstract and figurative opens a door for a bundle of mythical slavic beasts into this realm, through a residential building wall in a Belgrade suburb.
By myself and @kori.nikola in Serbia, 2023.

We broke some angles and warped some space, we introduced moody folky characters into a sleepy neighbourhood, we talked to the locals about the void and the meaning of black, we were invited to come back any time for some coffee
"Forward Together" - a 10 meter painting created during the first week of June in Galicia, Spain for Rexenera festival in 2022.
I wanted to celebrate the community, people holding onto each other throughout the good times and the bad. With a booming refugee crisis, wars and economical storms forcing millions to leave their homes and start anew, it feels vital to hold onto each other as we're defo stronger together.

Galician history is rooted in immigration, and the people of Carballo seemed quite warm towards my mural, many brought me oranges and water and the lady owning the shop downstairs gave me a big hug when I was done 🥲
This mural was created in the middle of the pandemic in 2020 for the London street are festival. It's a set of playful illustrations titled "Things I Did This Year", some metaphorical and some literal, some funny and some a little dark, some personal and some relatable for everyone. 
My affection for placing small paintings in natural and urban settings is not news but it's only recently that I finally took it to another level. I created a 2 meter version of the above that was then installed in Lithuanian woods (pines and moss - the perfect combo for a background)🌲.
I called this format 'mobile murals', and designing one is as important as finding the right spot for it upon completion.
One of the first smaller murals in London, a self-care piece placed in an alley behind a hospital. It's good to look back and see how far along I've come since my first painted wall, and I look forward to whatever life brings over to me next.

If you have a proposal for a mural or are looking for someone to paint a wall - get in touch! 

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