I have created a few artworks while on my residency in Korpo, Finland. It was a fine time, with inspiration generously flowing out of all corners and every little space I'd find was perfect for creating some art. 
I was surrounded by the sea from one side, and pine woods and a lake full of fish from the other side. Month-long exposure to nature has affected my works, so here are a couple of larger watercolors that were born during my stay on the Finnish archipelago.
Really felt like working on a vertically stretched head/figure split in the middle, with a focus on ink strokes rather than paint filling 🥑
Watercolor and ink, A3.
Thanks to a giant Finnish book on fish I used for reference when creating this A3 watercolor piece. It's quite interesting to see how much difference little detail like fish scale make (what a magnificent organic pattern, good one nature 👏)
And yes, that beach ball is also a boob.
Most of the social media posts we see every day are carefully filtered to portray the ordinary in a way that is most appealing and often fake. Social content lacks honesty and simplicity as most of the things we see on our news feed are glamourised and carefully curated to paint a perfect picture. It's good to remember nobody is perfect and we all face the mundane now and then, which is okay. "Filtered" is an A0 piece, watercolour on aquarelle paper.
A few more snaps of that Finnish residency vibe to help you feel what I was feeling while spending some of my summer there. 
And a couple smaller pieces that were born during my stay:
Thanks a lot for scrolling!
If you're looking for an art residency, check out AARK in Korpo, Finland.

Also follow me on IG on frequent drawing posts, and feel free to get a print here or look through the available original artworks over here.

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