A while ago I noticed that street art in London (even though really good) is missing 3D stuff (by that I mean unofficial reliefs or sculptures). Then I decided to get some clay and create little bits to leave around London and other towns I felt needed some fun added to their streets. 
Clay + sand paper + acrylics + varnish + some glue. Then find a nice spot and settle it there.
A cat that was sad.
Left with my friends at Soho Bikes cafe and workshop, soho, central London.
Another thing that I have been into for a while is something I called 2D3D. Watercolor characters cut out of paper were photographed on the streets to create that street photography feel, but using cartoony 'models'. I was interested in exploring the way a paper character can match a real everyday environment, almost like the real people posing for a camera. That was fun, might look into it again at some point.
Back to a few clay sculptures. 
A slug selling its home was inspired by a challenging property market situation in London. 
A carnivorous Halloween pumpkin that is cute but also terrifying. 
One of the first clay children of mine.

'Office pigeon' was placed in a busy square in central London that is usually crowded with office workers looking for a sunny spot to eat their lunch. This pigeon, too, found himself a nice bench to enjoy his coffee before going back to work to continue with the day.

I still love this office pigeon a lot, and I've put quite some effort into him, but unfortunately someone did not notice he was there and sat on him a couple of hours after I placed him there, which caused a lot of damage that could not be undone.
That was sad. But seeing him just sitting there looking natural was worth it, even if it was only for a while.
Cat egg, Amsterdam.
And here is a cat that got stuck between to portals, so I called this piece 'Pawtal'.
I regret nothing.
And, finally, a tattoed half-head, left in Jordaan, Amsterdam.

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