After long seven months of work me and my amazing team at Wonderbly have finally created this awesome book called "Where Are You: Adventure Through Time" where you or your loved one is travelling through different ages in history to save humanity from an evil pigeon (of course).
It's a sequel to another search and find adventure which takes you through parallel universes - check it out
Here's a little example of how each spread was built from scratch. Every time the process would start with researching and putting together a mood board.
This is a spread taking place in "The Future" - I wanted it to have rounded shapes and light colours, with a lot of light and air (as much as it's possible when you're building a highly-detailed composition!).
After a rough sketch is created to lock down some locations and generic shapes I start working on those detail - every character, every tree and every building have their own allocated space! 
When the outlines are done and I'm happy with them, colour stage begins! I am naturally drawn to darker warmer palette so creating something light and cool was my little personal challenge for this spread. 
There are five time periods in this book and each one needed a detailed double-page spread illustration. Was an insane amount of work but it was well worth it at the end!
One of my favourite things was putting together this cover - a mashup of all the characters from different time periods you come across throughout the book!
Personalised books mean there's need to spend a while addressing the diversity - there are a few types of characters to choose if you order the book! 
Of course it's impossible to illustrate every type of human appearance and there are always people who can't find the perfect avatar, but we really did our best on covering as much as possible.
I also asked my colleague who happens to be a brilliant photographer to take a picture of me with my two books and a fake pigeon someone gave to me as a thank you for illustrating a wedding invitation in the past :D 
So here we go.
That is all! 

To order a book please go to and you can still make it in time for Christmas!

And to follow more of my work check out my instagram - it's probably the best place for seeing my latest artwork.

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