Dream project - combining ferments and surreal watercolor illustrations - it has definitely been in my top favourites. 'Of Cabbages and Kimchi' is packed with tales and stories and facts and recipes, and as a lover of all things pickled and fermented I knew immediately it was brought to me by fate.
There are 7 single page and 3 double page illustrations and around 60 little spot fillers + the cover of course, and the publisher described my style as 'gastro-surrealism' and I thought it was perfect - a category I didn't know existed that I was a sole contributor to.
Let me tell you briefly about the process - here's a vid and I created the soundtrack, too (a new hobby in the works!). 
Some snippets of how it worked, from rough sketches to an array of detailed watercolor illustrations and double-spread digital collages. 
Also I wouldn't be myself if I didn't go an extra mile setting up special photoshoots (like this one where I put faces on vegetables because it was a ton of joy). 
Around 60 original spot illustrations, all representing a play of words, a funky phrase, an unusual concept or a story - the book is packet with those.
My shop has a selection of art prints - feel free to order some ART FUNK for your kitchen.
Also few originals still left, reserve yours now. 

The book itself is a gift from the probiotic lords so grab a copy for sure - check out the list of shops on James's website. You can also easily find it by searching on Amazon and in Waterstones stores.
Best things in life require time and care, like fermentation, good art and life itself.
* nods wisely *.

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