Hey folks! 

Over a course of a year or so I have been creating smaller digital pieces.
I felt that each single one did not deserve a separate post, so I've piled them up into a massive megapost. 

Please find me on Instagram and Facebook - every smidgen of support will be appreciated ^_^
If you fancy a nice print of one of the works below you are likely to find it here.

Both pieces were created as Halloween tribute.
Familiar classics:
Colour and light study of  Kees Van Dongen's 'Corn Poppy' and a tribute to sweet Dana Scully
(after a 6 season x-files marathon).
Typography practice:
A personal piece about the harmful influence of the social media. Ever felt a bit of a pressure?
'Cosy Spot' personal piece, Photoshop.
Revisiting familiar settings:
A gif to celebrate that fuzzy pre-christmas feeling (that only lasts a couple of weeks).
A pinup-ish lady portrait with a classic surrounding of floating objects.
Created for Patreon followers, back when I cared about Patreon.
Just a girl walking her fish.

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