A collab between Bogdan Katsuba (graphics) and Marija Tiurina (illustration) inspired by natural environment of Eastern Lithuania.

Using the textures, colours and patterns of wilderness surrounding Visaginas (a nuclear town built by the soviets) as inspiration, a series of images were brought together to blend simple calligraphic shapes with supporting watercolor forms. 
Part I: Bogdan

Bogdan used natural shapes as inspiration in order to create minimal graphics that would serve as compositional centres in the future illustrations.
Part II: Marija.

I used Bogdan's graphics to build up watercolor illustrations around them. Final compositions were to represent several themes that we both carried from our childhoods growing up in post-soviet environment tightly entangled with nature and street culture.
Final works: watercolor and acrylic ink on A2 Arches hot-pressed 300 gsm paper. 
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Giclee prints and originals available, for more info please follow this link.

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