Have you ever felt that reading a newspaper or watching tv makes you feel like your brain had been stepped on with heavy and moderately dirty boots? That’s pretty much what my latest digital painting is about. Pop culture and broadcast media is a dirty cloud hovering above a little human who found a shelter under a book tent. That’s because reading a book can be a little cozy harbor for those lost in the storm of BS coming from the screens. Just one of those simple pleasant activities that can help to avoid getting brainwashed.

It’s not a perfect metaphor, but I decided to go ahead and see how a raining device cloud looks when painted in Ps! Also I just feel a little better and warmer when I see how cozy a little guy is in his book tent. Cozy and safe! (for now)
Planning to sell the print among others in December when I go to
South of England to take part in an illustration festival.
If you're into prints please order one here!

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