'Ice Cream Hunt' - digital painting + watercolor one, A3.

A creepy little countess hunts flamingos in her garden during twilight hours, because when they die they turn into a sweet melty cream-like substance. Strawberry flavor. 

I have started finding it tempting to create more that one version of one painting, just to see how the results will look. This is the reason you see me creating a traditional version of ‘Ice Cream Hunt’ painting as well as a digital one. The processes are completely different, so are the results. 
Another reason is that I might be trying to work out how to tie computer screen and paper together, or maybe decide what I enjoy most.
A little time-lapse vid recorded for those who enjoy watching paintings being created ^_^
This is just a mock for demo purposes. But I am planning to go vintage frame hunting soon, hopefully will find something for current & future paintings.
Finished digital painting: so different from watercolor, yet special in its own way.
Thank you for scrollin’!
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