We're here to tell you about our latest guide - How to Cat.
It's the user manual that should have come with your cat, but didn't.
Each page of the guide is lovingly illustrated by me, with words that were delivered to Thom by a celestial being during a vision quest in the desert.  
The book is now on Kickstarter and is only running for another week - go and grab one while you still can! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/thesundaybest/how-to-cat
Must share this ad - it was conceived as a joke but quickly unfolded into a very passionate low-budget video making with digging the web for free music, stretching my beginner after effects skills and exploiting our friend Lily and her cat Klee for some brilliant acting. 
Deeply inspired by Tim&Eric, It's Always Sunny ads and actual crappy 90s television ♥
How to Cat is more than a book - it's everything you need to properly cat with any cat, real, imagined, or conjured by dark magic. It's a way of life for those who feline as much as they feng shui.  
The book is finished and laid out, and the printer is ready.
The biggest risk would really be getting them to people in time for Christmas, which is why that option costs more and is limited to 100 on Kickstarter.
The link to the book is here!

And you can always find me on Instagram for other bits and bobs.

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