I present my latest personal project that has been going on for a while. I like symbolic and metaphorical stuff, so decided to recreate zodiac signs - the way I see them, of course. So if you don’t like dark, weird pop-surrealistic stuff the selection above is probably nor for you.

I noticed that most of the horoscope-related art on the net is flat and cheesy, very fantasy-like. Well, I just had to add dark reproduction of the zodiac gals to this world! I sketched up all 12 of those, didn’t like some of them enough and put them aside, and at the end selected even fewer for final digital painting, because I wanted to go for maximum detail, and one piece would take several days to complete. 

I wanted to create unnatural and theatrical compositions with a slightly thick and intense atmosphere. The figures are still, they look like they posed for a fine art painting for hours. I was inspired by old Victorian photographs and painted portraits of the Renaissance, with soft light and deep blurry shadows. 

I think that Cancer is the one I enjoyed painting the most. I researched crabs and apparently they have teeth in their stomach, amazing. Just HAD to give this feature to the zodiac cancer girl. Another thing to mention is that all the backgrounds were painted as well (apart from the Leo one, that one was stolenandedited because I was about to give up at the end).
Gemini as the siamese twins, of course.
A couple of close-ups on detail:
Prints available.

Thanks for checking this stuff out!
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