I've never been too excited by lining design or printing art on clothing.
Although this one project showed me how much fun that could actually be! 
"Hero Hoodies" is a little startup that aims at creating perfect hoodies with original lining pattern designed by guest artists. (Guess who's their first guest artist? Yep - my design goes on a very first batch of these hoodies!)

Check out the final product and support the project on kickstarter if you think that original arty clothing deserves to live ^_^
Catch up with my latest drawings and WIP shots here:
I was asked to design three patterns themed around sea, air and land. 
Limited edition hoodie will come in a pretty box like this!
Kikstarter backers will also get a print of my illustrations ^_^
The actual idea is that the hoodies can be worn inside-out to show the artwork, which is pretty cool.
Character design was a part of collaboration process; the initial plan was to include a portrait of a hero dude into a logo design, so I played around with finding the right character, the style of shaping and shading as well as the angle at which he would be viewed.
For some reason my favourite is the bottom left one, even though we went for a low-poly profile version at the end.
Thank you for scrolling!

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