What Is This?
London is a city with no shortage of guides. Hundreds of guides, all pointing to the same thousand things. That's not what this is. This is a very specific guide. A guide to London based on the tastes of two very specific people, and the very specific, singular things they like in very specific places. 
For several months this mostly took the form of sketches and scribbles. Many, many sketches. And many, many scribbles. We went around the fences. But ultimately we hit on a guiding principle - be really, really weird. 
Where Is This?
The places we chose had to satisfy one criteria: they needed to do one thing, and do it very, very well. (Or, in the case of swan butts along the canal, provide a singular experience.) Really good food, or really nice experiences, would not suffice. These were the best of our IMHO bests.
Swan butt was borrowed from here.
How Is This?
The easiest thing to do would be to produce a digital guide. We do not do easy. (Also, we didn't know what we were doing.) We wanted to make something people could stumble across through happy serendipity. It wouldn't be for everyone, but the people it was for would be ecstatic. 

Once we hit on the illustrative style (weird!) and the tone of voice (poetically weird!) it almost finished itself. Which would have been good, because finding someone to print it was a bit of a chore. Luckily the fine people at F.E. Burman came through and brought this little project to life.
There are also some very limited edition prints available, signed and numbered.
Contact us if you're willing to purchase a pretty little guide or a 
limited edition signed giclee print (both £10 + £2 shipping).

Alternatively, you can buy a print from Society6.
Who Is This?
I'm Marija, but you probably already knew that. You can find me on Instagram as well. Thom is a writer who is kind of on Twitter, and you can read more about him here
Thanks for reading and stay weird. 

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