"Mind the Gap" is a 76 cm x 56 cm watercolour on thick aquarelle card paper that took a few months to complete (I think I started in November but it's a bit of a blur). People ask me how I plan out complex compositions 
like this one, and actually in this particular case I didn't plan anything or sketch things out as I wanted 
this painting to be built in a purely intuitive way of 'making it up as I go along', stitching it together 
piece by piece as it appeared in my mind. 

The painting could be roughly divided into three parts: the 'overground' half that captures messy street life of London, and the bottom part that is subdivided into two halves. Bottom left part illustrates the slightly shady business of whatever is happening down by Regent's canal (a small river that slices through North London and eventually connects to Thames and other water bodies, and it's a big part of Hackney's identity as a borough). The canal scene gradually turns into the hotter and redder bottom right area of the painting that is my version of London underground inspired by a few years I've spent commuting on Central line
(tube line that is one of deepest and hottest in London and is known for being rather hell-ish during rush hours and particularly so in the summer).

Every square decimetre is meant to tell a little story without words, 
so I will leave the rest for you to be explored on your own.
Welcome to London! 💂🇬🇧
And please mind the gap between the train and the platform.

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