What is this about?
It's a custom backgammon set designed for a special backgammon lover. 

Why is it covered in meat?
The ancient board game got its name from words 'back' and 'game', but I found it very amusing that it clearly has a word 'gammon' in it, which is a cured leg of pork. Browsing through existing sets on the internet didn't give me any results that would address that funny fact, so I decided to fill that gap in the handmade board game market. 

Below you can find some process steps and progress shots from different production stages. 

Ordered a pretty sweet backgammon set from Jaques London, 
liked it almost too much to touch it. But then I did.
The initial layout and colour scheme were designed in Photoshop.
The setup remained the same except the colours of the meats surrounding the leg of pork. 
Each element was sculpted out of clay. 
The checkers were replaced by unique pieces of meat, red versus blue. 

The meats were painted with acrylics, dried, varnished and glued onto the surface of the box. 
The painting process was rather entertaining as it made my desk look like a butcher's workspace. 
Different varnishes were used for achieving 'wet meat' and dry meat' effect.
Here is a shot of all (or most of) the materials used for creating this backgammon set. 
I also took a search quest to central London aiming to find dice of relevant colours.
Pretty happy how this experimental project turned out, 
and the current owner seems to be very happy with it! :)

Here's where you can find more of my stuff:

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