"The Harvest Set" is my latest personal project that's all about one ornate frame and 
three small botanical paintings designed to compliment it. 

A bit of a story behind it: I had this frame (that's actually a mat) lying around for several years and recently I have decided it would actually look nice if I were to decorate it with some botanical ornaments (why not, right?).
So I did! And then I couldn't stop so I also sketched out three little paintings to match this frame and compliment its culty mood. So at the end we had a pretty unique set that combined botanical vibes with a vintage postcard feel. And it was all born from a random idea of recycling an unused mat. Not bad!

Here's a process video with my voiceover commentary on how the design and creation process went. Enjoy.
That's it! It was a satisfying little project and no vegetables were harmed in it production (except they were all eaten). The print is on Society6 and the original is in my shop. Thank you!
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