I have collaborated with Saatchi & Saatchi ME for their latest advertising campaign, promoting a drink that helps you fall asleep :-)

I have created three highly-detailed maze-like ink on paper illustrations themed around different environments: plane, camping and home interior. 
The idea was to show how distracting sounds would almost get lost in a maze or obstacles if you have some of that magical drink, helping to secure a sweet peaceful environment for those who wanna nap.

Three ink illustrations took me a couple of months, and I must say I really appreciate when the client decides to go for something traditionally hand-drawn, even though that takes a lot more time and is less flexible when it comes to making changes. Good stuff!
There was a lot of skertching and planning involved, the whole thing has been re-designed a million times to get it right!
Final ad illustrations:
Detail close-up pieces:
I thought some people might wanna look closer at the detail, so I recorded a quick "tour" with my shaky hands! :-)

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