After almost a year in design and production this wacky universe-hopping personalised search-and-find adventure is finally out in the world!
It took 10 months, a team of 20 people and a lot of imagination to bring this book to life. Oh and did I mention it can be created for up to 3 kids/siblings/friends and you can choose from over 700 avatar variations? 
Comes in four languages other than English: French, Spanish, Italian and Japanese and we ship pretty much anywhere on this planet.

Where to get: WONDERBLY. Keep scrolling to peek at the process.
The best part about this book is that it's about saving the universe from an evil fish (of course) and you visit some worlds that.. don't make much sense because we just wanted to have fun with them! Like a universe where everyone got shrunk but the objects stayed the same, or a massive event space where superheroes booked their convention on the same day as supervillains (oops), and a world inhabited by all kinds of famous literature characters, a seaside town where animals and people coexist, and, of course, a spa resort for non other than delicious FOODS (think dumplings in steam rooms and carrots playing tennis why not). 
Early sketches of potential themes to explore:
Each spread took over a month to create from scratch to finish, and there's probably a couple hundreds of layers in each one of these PSD files. 
Every search-and-find illustration started with a mood board and references followed by a rough concept/layout sketch, then a black and white version would be made and finally I would move onto adding the colour. The finished version would then be polished up and prepared for the team to incorporate personalisation elements and prepare text for translations. 
Universe #2: a seaside town where animals and people live and enjoy the weather together.
We also ran a competition where kids all around the world submitted their superhero ideas for one of the spreads, and our favourite picks below got to be illustrated and added to the final illustration! 
This book is for up to three siblings/friends/kids and you can choose from over 750 avatar combinations. I think this makes it the most personalised book ever to be made ^-^ 
Hope you enjoyed the ride!
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