Snow White and the Heart of a Rabbit

A little personal project I’ve been working on for some time.

I decided that there’s not enough Disney-princess-themed art on the net and that the humanity definitely needs my contribution
to the heritage *sarcastic cough*. So here is a darker take on Disney gals, with Snow White painted digitally and other two
remaining pencil drawings/sketches. Painting was good fun, however it does take time, and the list of ideas pressuring my brain can’t wait
’till I colour two more dark-side princesses, so just one in colour for now. Maybe, there will be time in the future.








Those who read the store might remember that an innocent hare/rabbit was murdered and its heart extracted in order to cover for Snow White while she was hanging out with the dwarfs. What a waste! 


Beauty and the Beast – a story about a girl that played her cards well and got a castle together with family jewellery and antique cutlery. Good work there.


And little Ariel who came to realization that seafood tastes amazing and she is still half-human.


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